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Simple activation of powerful DfAM software

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Latest software version 1.10

Download Size: 56.3Mb

Need help getting started? Take a look at the Sulis tutorial videos. We also have some example files to help you familiarise yourself with the user interface of this easy to use design for additive manufacturing software.

Minimum requirements

Windows version: Windows 7 SP1+

Processor: x64 bit

RAM: 8gb+

Graphic card: Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities

Hard Drive Space: 300Mb

Sulis Changelog


New Features:

  • Custom strut unit cells
  • Trim struts to CAD model
  • Circular and rectangular planar lattice types


  • Clear nodes function no longer deletes helical axis nodes


  • Improved node placement algorithm for hole lattice
  • Scaling nodes now also scales unconnected nodes

New features:

  • Uniform surface holes/bumps
  • Strut node blending
  • CAD meshing tolerance setting
  • Minimum resolution setting
  • Default overhang setting
  • Circular build plate option


  • Fixed flowpath custom colouring not being saved


  • Better quality strut generation for long, thick struts
  • Loading bar improved
  • Flowpath export improvements
  • Generated offset surface lattice was changing before/after selection



  • Decimation and reference transform options on generate export
  • Loading bar improved
  • Infinite range lattice modifiers improved
  • Rectangular filleted STEP export issues fixed

New features/improvements:

  • Rotation offset of node planes
  • Flowpath overlap display tool
  • Surface mating in align tool
  • Minimum distance metric between flowpaths and models
  • TPMS unit cell gradients
  • Improved generate panel export options
  • Stochastic surface lattices
  • STEP model slicing
  • Infinite range lattice modifiers


  • Double skin lattices with modifiers
  • Nodes patterned/mirrored constraining properly onto same flowpath
  • Non-circular flowpath volume calculation
  • Rectangular flowpath dimensions correct
  • Stopped non-circular nodes merging after mirroring/patterning
  • Stopped ToMeshing in tutorials
  • Generate export buttons now appear even after being in a tutorial
  • Ctrl+drag nodes now copies all flowpath properties from connected flowpath
  • Straight flowpaths with intersections displaying properly
  • Fixed patterning scaled STEP objects
  • Fixed mirroring of STEP objects
  • Fixed issue with moving helix node connected to another flowpath
  • Fixed 3MF export volume from generate panel
  • Fixed realigning nodes keeping their original alignment
  • Fixed repositioned node direction on model surfaces that have been rotated after import
  • Added fractal flowpath creation
  • Can now extrude flowpaths specific distances from nodes
  • Fixed strut lattices not trimming to shells for shell-strut components
  • Fixed flowpaths not exporting in STEP to reference transform properly when reference transform is toggled
  • Fixed issue with newly created lattice modifiers
  • 3MF export of regular strut lattice beams
  • Fixed issue with high number of radial struts
  • Added opacity controls in right click menu
  • Added selection filter tool for Flow objects
  • Improved self-intersection detection for non-circular flowpaths
  • Fixed export of blended flowpaths between filleted rectangle and circular cross-sections
  • Improved non-cartesian strut lattices
  • Offset surface lattices now match domain of surface lattices on same model
  • Updated file browser plugin
  • Fixed issue with teardrop compensation direction
  • Stochastic lattices added as a new lattice type
  • Added the ability to add stock material to the inside of flowpaths
  • Added the ability to create helices with non-tangential flowpath cross sections
  • Clearer node placement
  • Updated ribbon menu UI
  • 3mf file support
  • Split-P surface lattice support
  • Various bug fixes
  • Software name updated to “Sulis”
  • STEP Export of elliptical flowpaths
  • General improvement to STEP export of flowpaths
  • Correct self-intersection detection of non-circular cross-sections
  • Ability to export mirrored or scaled STEP models
  • Export of torus flowpaths
  • Highlighting of face used to place node on model
  • Clearer ribbon menu button labels
  • Corrected labeling of flowpath panel dimension parameters
  • Can now lock a cross-section orientation for helical flowpaths
  • Helical flowpaths can have non-tangential node profiles
  • Fixed software crashing when CAD file was missing
  • Fixed issue with helical flowpath exporting
  • Fixed issue with trial activation
  • Improved lattice generation for small models
  • Reduced minimum generate resolution
  • Improved lattice/model trimming
  • CTRL dragging nodes now flip flowpath ends depending on drag direction
  • Fixed copy-pasting helical flowpaths
  • Updated various flowpath panel labels
  • Improved trial activation process
  • Fixed loading of legacy files with lattice components for all number formats
  • Fixed loading of legacy files for all number formats
  • Automatic notification of new versions of the software
  • Strut and planar lattices, and new lattice variants – shell and offset
  • Merging and splitting models
  • Setting alignment of nodes to x,y,z vector
  • Can toggle overhang compensation visual aid
  • Can set node sizes in the settings menu
  • Can use the axis as inputs for node vectors
  • Primitives have breps for exporting to Step
  • Can copy the transform of a model onto another model
  • Button to clear all unused nodes
  • Can gradient cell sizes in a lattice using lattice modifiers
  • Revamped problem component system
  • Revamped saving and loading system
  • Numerous bug fixes


  • Moved numerous tools and problem components from the Designer module into the Core module
  • Model to model and model to node constraining implemented
  • Projecting nodes to a plane or face
  • Export current volume implemented for generated volumes
  • Rendering of circular axes when lattice origins are selected
  • Exporting of fluid bodies now can check for intersections
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Added offline licence functionality
  • Added Lesson 2 to the interactive tutorial
  • Added the custom colouring of elements in the software
  • Various bug fixes
  • Added the tutorial system
  • Updated UI colours
  • Export of rectangular flowpaths
  • Saving of hidden/transparent elements
  • Allow the usage of the software over a remote desktop connection
  • Undo/Redo bug fixes
  • Introduction of Construction Geometry, specifically planes
  • Build plate resizing
  • Various bug fixes
  • Added generation metrics
  • Fix a bug with meshing STEP files at a specific deflection
  • Fix a bug with trial registrations not immediately working
  • Handle international decimal characters
  • Can flip nodes
  • Fix switching to full screen, setting correct resolution
  • Various bug fixes
  • Updated edit node panel
  • Updated edit flowpath panel
  • Updated helix panel
  • Added lattice modifiers
  • Added lattice origin
  • Added metrics panel
  • Updated licensing system
  • Updated flowpath colour scheme
  • Added STEP export for circular and circular compensated flowpaths
  • Added STEP import for models
  • Improved flowpath conforming
  • Added slicing tool
  • Various bug fixes
  • Added micro ribbon toggles for translate, rotate and scale transform gizmo
  • Added Latticing module for include lattice creation
  • Added mirroring tool
  • Various bug fixes


  • Added user documentation
  • Added remove dustbins to the helix panel
  • Added remove dustbins to the mirror panel
  • Updating problem components no longer requires user to click the set button
  • Added option to update license file within software
  • Updated the icons in the Designer module
  • Mesh name appears in the problem component store
  • Added option to toggle between local and absolute mesh positions in the transform panel
  • Added the option to change the absolute size of the model bounding box in the transform panel
  • Updated project panel to fit last item
  • Various bug fixes