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Simple activation of powerful DfAM software

Download Sulis design for AM software to get the latest version or activate your new 14-day free trial.

Latest software version 1.9.6

Download Size: 55.9Mb

Need help getting started? Take a look at our Sulis tutorial videos.

Minimum requirements

Windows version: Windows 7 SP1+

Processor: x64 bit

RAM: 8gb+

Graphic card: Graphics card with DX10 (shader model 4.0) capabilities

Hard Drive Space: 300Mb

Sulis Changelog


  • Fixed patterning scaled STEP objects
  • Fixed mirroring of STEP objects
  • Fixed issue with moving helix node connected to another flowpath
  • Fixed 3MF export volume from generate panel
  • Fixed realigning nodes keeping their original alignment
  • Fixed repositioned node direction on model surfaces that have been rotated after import
  • Added fractal flowpath creation
  • Can now extrude flowpaths specific distances from nodes
  • Fixed strut lattices not trimming to shells for shell-strut components
  • Fixed flowpaths not exporting in STEP to reference transform properly when reference transform is toggled
  • Fixed issue with newly created lattice modifiers
  • 3MF export of regular strut lattice beams
  • Fixed issue with high number of radial struts
  • Added opacity controls in right click menu
  • Added selection filter tool for Flow objects
  • Improved self-intersection detection for non-circular flowpaths
  • Fixed export of blended flowpaths between filleted rectangle and circular cross-sections
  • Improved non-cartesian strut lattices
  • Offset surface lattices now match domain of surface lattices on same model
  • Updated file browser plugin
  • Fixed issue with teardrop compensation direction
  • Stochastic lattices added as a new lattice type
  • Added the ability to add stock material to the inside of flowpaths
  • Added the ability to create helices with non-tangential flowpath cross sections
  • Clearer node placement
  • Updated ribbon menu UI
  • 3mf file support
  • Split-P surface lattice support
  • Various bug fixes
  • Software name updated to “Sulis”
  • STEP Export of elliptical flowpaths
  • General improvement to STEP export of flowpaths
  • Correct self-intersection detection of non-circular cross-sections
  • Ability to export mirrored or scaled STEP models
  • Export of torus flowpaths
  • Highlighting of face used to place node on model
  • Clearer ribbon menu button labels
  • Corrected labeling of flowpath panel dimension parameters
  • Can now lock a cross-section orientation for helical flowpaths
  • Helical flowpaths can have non-tangential node profiles
  • Fixed software crashing when CAD file was missing
  • Fixed issue with helical flowpath exporting
  • Fixed issue with trial activation
  • Improved lattice generation for small models
  • Reduced minimum generate resolution
  • Improved lattice/model trimming
  • CTRL dragging nodes now flip flowpath ends depending on drag direction
  • Fixed copy-pasting helical flowpaths
  • Updated various flowpath panel labels
  • Improved trial activation process
  • Fixed loading of legacy files with lattice components for all number formats
  • Fixed loading of legacy files for all number formats
  • Automatic notification of new versions of the software
  • Strut and planar lattices, and new lattice variants – shell and offset
  • Merging and splitting models
  • Setting alignment of nodes to x,y,z vector
  • Can toggle overhang compensation visual aid
  • Can set node sizes in the settings menu
  • Can use the axis as inputs for node vectors
  • Primitives have breps for exporting to Step
  • Can copy the transform of a model onto another model
  • Button to clear all unused nodes
  • Can gradient cell sizes in a lattice using lattice modifiers
  • Revamped problem component system
  • Revamped saving and loading system
  • Numerous bug fixes


  • Moved numerous tools and problem components from the Designer module into the Core module
  • Model to model and model to node constraining implemented
  • Projecting nodes to a plane or face
  • Export current volume implemented for generated volumes
  • Rendering of circular axes when lattice origins are selected
  • Exporting of fluid bodies now can check for intersections
  • Numerous bug fixes
  • Added offline licence functionality
  • Added Lesson 2 to the interactive tutorial
  • Added the custom colouring of elements in the software
  • Various bug fixes
  • Added the tutorial system
  • Updated UI colours
  • Export of rectangular flowpaths
  • Saving of hidden/transparent elements
  • Allow the usage of the software over a remote desktop connection
  • Undo/Redo bug fixes
  • Introduction of Construction Geometry, specifically planes
  • Build plate resizing
  • Various bug fixes
  • Added generation metrics
  • Fix a bug with meshing STEP files at a specific deflection
  • Fix a bug with trial registrations not immediately working
  • Handle international decimal characters
  • Can flip nodes
  • Fix switching to full screen, setting correct resolution
  • Various bug fixes
  • Updated edit node panel
  • Updated edit flowpath panel
  • Updated helix panel
  • Added lattice modifiers
  • Added lattice origin
  • Added metrics panel
  • Updated licensing system
  • Updated flowpath colour scheme
  • Added STEP export for circular and circular compensated flowpaths
  • Added STEP import for models
  • Improved flowpath conforming
  • Added slicing tool
  • Various bug fixes
  • Added micro ribbon toggles for translate, rotate and scale transform gizmo
  • Added Latticing module for include lattice creation
  • Added mirroring tool
  • Various bug fixes


  • Added user documentation
  • Added remove dustbins to the helix panel
  • Added remove dustbins to the mirror panel
  • Updating problem components no longer requires user to click the set button
  • Added option to update license file within software
  • Updated the icons in the Designer module
  • Mesh name appears in the problem component store
  • Added option to toggle between local and absolute mesh positions in the transform panel
  • Added the option to change the absolute size of the model bounding box in the transform panel
  • Updated project panel to fit last item
  • Various bug fixes