Gen3D was acquired by Altair in May 2022. You can trial Sulis and purchase the software via Altair's website. Please follow the links in this website to try out Sulis for free.

Gen3D software update 1.8 is available – here’s what’s new

Gen3D Software update 1.8

We’re pleased to announce that a new version of Gen3D’s software is now available to all customers. To update, customers simply need to download the latest version of the software to your machine. Primarily, we’ve completed a big upgrade to the Lattice Module, but we’ve also listened to your feedback and made some improvements to the Flow Module and the overall UI too.

Why you should have Gen3D in your AM design tech stack

Our unique software has design accelerators and generative design features which allows you to rapidly create AM-appropriate geometry. Using the click-and-drag 3D editing tools you can easily define the layout of a design for AM concept in real-time. The latest Gen3D software update 1.8 makes your experience and output even more intuitive and we’re excited for you to get the benefits as soon as you can.

New tutorials to accompany Gen3D software update 1.8

To help you get started with the new features we’ve created some new tutorial videos covering all you need to know to get started designing the new lattice structures introduced in this update. The tutorial videos are published on our Youtube Channel and can be found here:

To get access to all the latest features of Gen3D’s design software, navigate to the website and download the latest version of the software from

What’s new with the Lattice Module?

The lattice module has been enhanced with the ability to create both strut and planar lattices with a variety of unit cell types to choose from. We have also added new unit cell options for TPMS lattices as well as accelerating the workflow to shell models and fill them with lattice structures. These new lattice features will empower your abilities to create successful designs for additive manufacturing.

TPS, Strut and Planar Lattices

The benefits of using lattices

Lattices can be a great way to create more efficient designs. The less material that you use in a design, the lower the cost and the less time on the machine. To enable you to create dematerialised parts we’ve added a shell function. The shell function can be used to hollow your parts, with further options to fill that space with a lattice.

Shell lattice in design in Gen3D software

If you’re interested in seeing how Gen3D’s software can be used in the design of real parts for end-use applications then watch this video showing an end to end walkthrough of how strut-based lattice structures can be used for hydraulic applications.

About Gen3D’s software

Gen3D’s innovative design software allows engineers to design and optimise complex fluid flow components. Built-in proprietary manufacturing checks and compensation tools truly exploit the benefits of AM and reduce the risk of costly failures. Rapidly create AM-appropriate geometry with our design accelerators and generative design features. Define or change the layout of a concept in real-time using our click-and-drag 3D editing tools.