Gen3D was acquired by Altair in May 2022. You can trial Sulis and purchase the software via Altair's website. Please follow the links in this website to try out Sulis for free.

flow Tutorials

Here are all our Flow module tutorials

Creating nodes

Learn how to create nodes within Sulis to begin designing models. This is the first step needed when using the Flow module.

Creating flowpaths

Learn how to create flowpath geometry.

Editing flowpaths

In this tutorial we show you how to edit flowpath parameters withing the Sulis Flow module.  You can edit the cross section, the radius, the thickness, the central spine and other fine grain control features.

Creating helical flowpaths

In this video tutorial we show you how to design helical flowpaths for additive manufacturing. 

Circular patterning

Learn more about circular patterning operations. in the Sulis Flow module

Rectangular patterning

In this tutorial we show you how to use the rectangular patterning tool in Sulis Flow.

The mirror operation

Learn how to use the mirror tool in this easy to follow video tutorial. This function is as easy has holding down the control key and selecting the areas you want to mirror.