Sulis Flow

Hydraulic design software for additive manufacturing.

Rapidly create AM-appropriate geometry with design accelerators and generative design features within Sulis. Define or change the layout of a concept in real-time using click-and-drag 3D editing tools. Use Sulis’s proprietary manufacturing checks and compensation tools to truly exploit the benefits of AM and reduce the risk of costly failures.

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Why use Sulis Flow?

  • Design for Additive Manufacturing

    Accelerate your designs

    The easiest and quickest way to create and edit complex fluid systems.

  • Design for Additive Manufacturing

    Print with confidence

    In-built manufacturability analysis and compensation tools

  • Design for Additive Manufacturing

    Design software you can trust

    Developed by additive manufacturing academic and industry experts.

  • Design for Additive Manufacturing

    Pay as you go

    Design software as and when you need it with our flexible licencing options.

Render of AM produced rocket nozzle designed by Steven Goguelin

Rapid creation of fluid geometry.

Fast design of complex fluid networks

Painlessly create 3D spline geometry using our simple and flexible interface to rapidly generate new concepts that are optimised for additive manufacturing.

Fractal patterns

Easily create branching structures to split large flows into many equally sized smaller flows for manifolding or heat exchange applications.

Internal Channels

Rapidly add spline or helical cooling channels to imported models and use the inbuilt accelerators to create a set of conformal channels. Export the final model with the channels cut out of it.

Export to CAD

Export outer walls or fluid bodies of the system as a STEP file to be used in any CAD or analysis software. Import into a generative design tool to further optimise the material layout.

Edit complex fluid systems in real-time.

Freeform flowpath editing

Edit complex fluid networks in real-time using the click-and-drag tools. Optimise the fluid network layout, routing and interfacing components to be more compact and manufacturable.

Manufacturable fluid channels

Automatically analyse and compensate fluid channels to be self supporting. Remove the need for painful post-processing of internal supports.

Conformal geometry

Conform geometry over complex surfaces to increase packing efficiency, minimise material usage, or improve heat transfer between surfaces.

Realtime visual feedback

Create and dynamically edit patterned objects to create multiple spline objects whilst receiving real-time feedback on your design.

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Gen3D was able to generate some incredibly complex geometries with ease which we required for our particular task. Along with the software, the team were also very responsive and helpful in answering any queries we had.

Matt Jaffa

R&D Engineer, Small Spark Space Systems