Lattice Tutorials

Here are all our Lattice module tutorials

Getting started with AM lattice design

Learn how to put a lattice into a part that is imported as a 3MF,  STL or STEP file and edit the Lattice parameters quickly and easily in Sulis.

Combining lattices with solid bodies

Learn how to add lattices to existing designs. In this tutorial we show you how to Lattice an inner body.

Designing strut lattices

Learn how to design strut lattices. In this short tutorial we take a primitive cube and create a basic strut lattice. We take you through the settings options of the strut lattice functionality including smoothing, decimating and exporting or baking into the software program as a mesh.

Using planar lattices

Learn how planar lattices can be created in Sulis. In this tutorial we use a standard glasses frame that we’ve installed as a STEP file and we show you how to insert a planar lattice into the part. We also look at how you can create solid parts within the strut lattice component.

How to shell and lattice parts

Learn how to use the shell lattice function. In particular, we are going to learn how to use the shell surface command.

Creating additional stock material for lattice structures

Learn how to use the ‘offset solid’ component to easily add additional stock material to latticed geometries.

Modifying lattice coordinates

In this tutorial we show you how to get the most out of modifying the lattice coordinate system to create different types of lattice structures.

Gradient-based lattices

In this tutorial for Sulis Lattice we show you how to create gradient-based lattices. We do this mainly by using the ‘create modifier’ button within the Lattice module.

Designing stochastic lattices in Sulis

In this tutorial video for Sulis, we’re going to show you how to design stochastic lattices easily and quickly.. 

How to create intersecting Gyroids in Sulis

Learn how to create intersecting gyroids using the inverse function in the Lattice Module.