Gen3D was acquired by Altair in May 2022. You can trial Sulis and purchase the software via Altair's website. Please follow the links in this website to try out Sulis for free.

Sulis Lattice

User-friendly lattice generation software.

Rapidly design complex lattice structures for additive manufacturing with this powerful software module. Design engineers will find our lattice module ideal for energy absorption, heat transfer, filtration and many more applications across industries such as aerospace, automotive, manufacturing, medical and energy. Sulis Lattice is cost-effective and intuitive to use with advanced customisation tools not available with other software providers.

From £200/month

Why use Sulis Lattice?

  • Design for Additive Manufacturing

    Printable lattices in minutes

    The easiest and quickest way to get complex lattice structures into your models.

  • Design for Additive Manufacturing

    Design software you can trust

    Developed by additive manufacturing academic and industry experts.

  • Design for Additive Manufacturing

    Pay as you go

    Latticing software as and when you need it with our flexible licencing options.

  • Design for Additive Manufacturing

    Implicit design kernel

    Generate high resolution complex lattice structures for additive manufacturing.

Acetabular Cup designed using Sulis Lattice, our lattice generation software

Rapid creation of lattice geometry.

Conrod with lattice infill - render

One click lattice creation

Rapidly add lightweight lattice structures to your models and effortlessly fine-tune their properties.
Multiple lattices designed with Gen3D's lattice design generator

Multiple lattice types

Choose between surface, strut, stochastic and planar lattices or combine different lattice types in a single part.
TPMS Lattices designed with Sulis Lattice

Wide range of unit cell types

Select from a database of commonly used unit cells or even define your own custom strut based unit cells to match your application.
impeller with lattice infill

Rapid infill of imported models

Reduce material usage and printing times by converting to a model with a desired shell thickness and interior lightweight lattice structure.

Fine-tuning of lattice structures.

lattice changed parameters, an example of complex lattice structure design for AM

Easy parameter updates

Rapidly add lightweight lattice structures to your models and effortlessly tailor their properties to your application.

Spherical Gyroid Lattice designed using Gen3D's DfAM software

Multiple coordinate systems

Choose between cartesian, cylindrical or spherical coordinate systems to ensure lattices fit seamlessly within your CAD models.

Gradient strut lattice designed using Sulis Lattice

Structural modifiers

Tailor the properties of your lattice structures by grading the cell size and density across multiple axes.

Smooth and blend strut lattice designed using our lattice module

Blend lattices into geometry

Smooth lattice boundaries to remove stress concentrations and improve the strength of your components.

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Gen3D was able to generate some incredibly complex geometries with ease which we required for our particular task. Along with the software, the team were also very responsive and helpful in answering any queries we had.

Matt Jaffa

R&D Engineer, Small Spark Space Systems