Learn how to use Sulis.

We’ve made a series of DfAM software tutorials. These videos will get you quickly up to speed with Sulis, Gen3D’s design for additive manufacturing software. Use our software to truly explore your designs. For instance, Sulis has built-in manufacturability checks to provide feedback when the design becomes challenging to additively manufacture. This helps prevent design ‘lock-in’. Get started with these video based DfAM software tutorials.

Core functionality - DfAM software tutorials

Getting started

Start here with your Sulis onboarding.

Flow module - DfAM software tutorials

Creating nodes

Learn how to create nodes within Sulis to begin designing models.

Creating flowpaths

Learn how to create flowpath geometry.

Editing flowpaths

Learn how to edit flowpath parameters.

Creating helical flowpaths

Learn how to create helical flowpaths.

Circular patterning

Learn more about circular patterning operations.

Rectangular patterning

Learn how to use the rectangular patterning tool.

The mirror operation

Learn how to use the mirror tool.

Lattice module - DfAM software tutorials

Getting started with AM lattice design

Learn how to put a lattice into a part.

Combining lattices with solid bodies

Learn how to add lattices to existing designs.

Designing strut lattices

Learn how to design strut lattices.

Using planar lattices

Learn how planar lattices can be used in parts.

How to shell and lattice parts

Learn how to use the shell lattice function.

Creating additional stock material for lattice structures

Learn how to use the offset solid component to add additional stock material to latticed geometries.

Modifying lattice coordinates

Learn how to modify the coordinate space of a lattice structure.

Gradient-based lattices

Learn how to create gradient-based lattices.